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The most vulnerable items in any  relocation process are usually your glassware that included crystal and porcelain. You may need to provide them with plenty of protection if you want them to survive the transit condition. Packing delicate items is a time consuming process but necessary at the same time. You are rightly advised to not do it yourself and hire reputed Packers and Movers Hyderabad to help you pack with specific packaging material.

Providing protection to your delicate items while relocating

Packing your fragile items like Crockery, glassware, photo frames etc. can be demanding since those need to be protected from vibrations or shocks of any kind while  transportation. Different items need different handling, for example, crystal needs different packaging method when compared to the LCD Television. Your chosen Movers and Packers may need to consider a lot of basics before applying reinforcement so that they don’t move from their place while loaded on the truck. 

Pay close attention if you are moving long distance when you are required to be extra cautious to prevent precious items from potential damage. Most common issues with fragile items may be vibration and shock while in transit. This might happen under various circumstances, like shaking heavily if the box is placed right above the wheels or the box getting dropped due to sudden braking, or driven over a segment of rough road when being transported.

Get your larger items wrapped by corrugated sheets and wrap a layer of film sheet over as reinforcement. Place these items in the box and use shredded paper between each section for layering the items.  For crystal, don’t use newspapers because the ink might stick on them which is difficult to remove.  It can also ruin porous items like clay pots and antiques. Using towels, blankets or bed sheets for protection is recommended only for short distance moves. This might consume most of the space in a box or may aid to develop cracks in the glassware due to compression. Therefore, packaging material used for cushioning and reinforcement should protect from all kinds of shocks and vibrations and do not harm the items from potential transit damage.

Efficient packing materials for fragile items include;

  1. Heavy grade of brown packing sheets to wrap around the effects to provide extra cushioning

  2. Bubble wraps to provide reinforcement around the object

  3. Corrugated sheets which are made from fluted board with right amount of thickness to provide the required protection

  4. Foam sheets that are specifically meant to fit around a particular object for optimum cushioning

  5. Air tight packaging foils which are designed to fill the gaps within a box to protect the objects from the sides of the box to withstand multiple shocks while in transit.


The right sized box that the Movers and Packers Hyderabad bring for the job is 1.5 feet x 2 feet which weighs 20 kgs when full. They wrap individual items separately with sufficient padding with newspaper for protection. Ask them to clearly label the boxes as "Fragile" and "This way up" with an arrow mark. Photos frames make of glass should get the same care. You might get confused to place them inside the box and are just as breakable.

A wide variety of packaging material is available from Packers and Movers registered on to protect your precious delicate items. It is always advisable to discuss the list of items with the movers as part of your safety plan while booking your move and avail the right packing material to keep your fragile items safe.